PTN Update | Spring 2019

May 8, 2019

Update on the various products, services and prospective suppliers that PTN is working on!

Recent Additions (See "New Vendors" Blog):

The Fuelcard People – supply fuel cards for use in more than 2,600 sites, free credit, reduced admin

Bartram Mowers – groundcare products, dealers for Husqvarna, Amazone, Billy Goat

Stens – OEM and replacement parts for a whole range of products

Redstone Tyres – suppliers of replacement tyres for turf, groundcare, agriculture applications

Phoenix Hire & Sales – groundcare products, hand tools, generator hire, dealers for Stihl & Timberwolf

Live on PTN soon!:

Sheriff Amenity/Agrovista – fertilisers, weed treatments

Biological Preparations – biological Enzymes, grease traps/solutions

In Negotiations:

Steve is currently working on the imminent launch of a supplier for eco-friendly cleaning products for Bright & Beautiful, and their products and discounts will be available for all other brands.

We’re discussing PTN recruitment for major suppliers in the following fields:

  • Smart home security
  • PPE supply
  • Workwear supply
  • Mobile card payments / merchant services
  • Accounting
  • Pay-per-click / search engine optimisation / digital marketing
  • Signage & standalone vehicle wrapping
  • Plumbing & building supplies

We hope to announce details on a number of these relationships in the near future – look out for more PTN announcements dropping into your e-mail Inboxes.

A couple service areas Steve targeted and hoped to introduce from PTN were commercial insurance providers and finance providers, both commercial and consumer. However, after a lot of discussions on a number of fronts, we have hit a hurdle in the form of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and its implications for us regarding the promotion of providers. For the time being, we won’t be recruiting preferred providers in these fields. Of course, you may continue with your individual suppliers, where you have them, and we would encourage you to continue with those connections. Hopefully, this can be resolved in the future, and PTN will continue to look into ways to broaden PTN's offering in these areas.

REMEMBER! If you have any suggestions for suppliers, or for products or services, send them to: [email protected] or speak with your Franchise Consultant.

Make sure you log in to the PTN every day, and look out for new additions, and also keep watching this space for more exciting news on selected preferred vendors!

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